To My Fellow Christians, on Hillary

gty_hillary_clinton_hb_160309_16x9_992Dear Friends,

I am not (officially) a Facebook user. I tell people that the day I create a Facebook account will be the last day my children ever see me; I surely will disappear down the rabbit trail of debate with All The People On The Internet.

Still, you’ve successfully suckered me this time.

I’ve been looking over my husband’s shoulder to follow the many recent debates about whether Christians can, in good conscience, consider voting for Hillary. There are several main issues at hand, and I’d like to share my thoughts one by one.

First, on abortion.

An argument I keep hearing is that although Christians find abortion morally reprehensible, we must be sympathetic and compassionate to women who are raped and molested. Therefore, we should vote Democrat so these desperate women don’t end up in back alleys with coat hangers.

I will try to be concise. It will not be easy.

  1. As evidenced by Kermit Gosnell and other related scandals, the abortion industry is already run like a back-alley operation. Abortion advocates have been guilty of overlooking gross mistreatment of women in an effort to maintain the legality and “respectability” of this procedure.
  2. Sympathy and compassion are not a justification for doing evil. If we believe that life starts at conception, then abortion is murder. Let God be true and every man a liar- if abortion is murder, then your emotional response has nothing to do with it.
  3. Sympathy and compassion must be used intelligently. For every girl who is “saved” from rape and incest by abortion, ask yourself how many more rapists and abusers are “saved” from jail time by abortion. For many girls, getting pregnant is a ray of hope in a dark world, because it means someone may find out and put an end to the abuse. Abortion does not encourage abusive men to take responsibility. It encourages them to absolve responsibility through the murder of an unborn child.
    • Imagine you are a high school teacher having a fling with a student. One day she comes to you and tells you she’s pregnant. Do you say, “Wow, that’s great! My wife’s not the jealous type. How about we move to Salt Lake City and become a threesome?” Or do you drag her down to the clinic to get it “cleaned up” to avoid going to jail for a Very Long Time?
    • Imagine you’re molesting your stepdaughter and she turns up pregnant. Do you say, “Aww, babies are great. C’mon, let’s tell your mother!” Or do you put her in the car, drive her to the clinic and make her tell the surgeon it’s her boyfriend’s baby?
    • Imagine you’re a pimp and one of your prostitutes gets pregnant. Do you say, “Congratulations! Enjoy your maternity leave, sweetie, and we’ll see you next summer!” Or do you get it “taken care of” so she can return immediately to the lucrative business of sleeping with strangers?
  4. For every heartbreaking story of a woman who gets an abortion after rape, there are many more equally heartbreaking stories of young women who would willingly birth their child, but who are forced into abortion by parents- who don’t want the public disgrace, or want their daughter to finish college rather than “throw her life away” – or by boyfriends or husbands who don’t want the commitment or financial burden. Abortion is often not the “choice” of the mother, but of those around her.
  5. Abortion, as many know, was originally pushed as a form of eugenics against minorities. It is still used that way today. A nurse friend once told me the disturbing story of a woman who came into the E.R. with first trimester bleeding. The nurse examined her and found she was not dilating and had a good chance of carrying to term, but the doctor lied and told the woman she was miscarrying and should go to surgery for an abortion. His reason- shared privately with his co-workers- was that this woman was a poor minority who already had “too many” children. Again, abortion is often in direct opposition to a “woman’s right to choose.” It is foisted upon far too many women by racist, sexist, classist people who do not believe in the power of God to meet and supply our needs.
  6. PTSD and suicide rates are higher among women who have had abortions. Rape and incest are horrific; why add the trauma of knowing that you willfully terminated your own child? It may seem like a relief in the short-term, but later in life- perhaps the first time you see an unborn child via ultrasound- reality sets in.
  7. Abortion comes with physical side effects as well. Abortion can impact a woman’s ability to get pregnant in the future, creates a higher risk of miscarriage, and can otherwise damage a woman’s reproductive system. As if suffering a rape were not enough, her chances of experiencing a normal, planned pregnancy are now diminished.
  8. Plan B can be purchased without a prescription. Any woman who is raped and wants an abortion can literally have the drug in her hand within minutes of the event, by driving to the nearest 24-hour WalMart. There is no need for the kind of policy overhauls that are included in the Democrat platform.
  9. The Democrat party advocates abortion even in its most abhorrent, gruesome forms. Even if we agreed that rape, incest and life of the mother were valid circumstances for abortion, there is no justification for abortion after the first trimester. I absolutely question the moral compass of anyone who justifies killing a fully developed infant just as it feels air on its toes for the first time.
    • Partial birth abortion involves dismembering a human baby while it is still alive in its mother’s womb. No anesthetics are given to the infant. If an infant survives a saline abortion, it is dumped in a bucked to die of chemical burns and exposure. It is disturbing that Christians turn to Democrats as the party of “compassion” when they advocate this barbaric practice.
    • Third trimester abortion means that the mother has had months to make up her mind. She has felt her baby kick. She has purchased maternity clothes. Democrats are not promoting “compassion” here. They are promoting irresponsibility, at the cost of unimaginable pain and suffering on the part of a helpless baby.
    • The “safe, legal and rare” argument is laughable here. Partial birth abortion is no “safer” than delivering a live full-term baby, and it is much more dangerous than aborting in the first trimester.
  10. The Democrat party platform now includes repeal of the Hyde Amendment, meaning that not only will abortion be “safe, legal and rare” by Democrats’ backwards definition, it will also be directly funded by taxpayer dollars. You and I, friends, will be literally paying for babies to be dismembered and discarded. Furthermore, this funding will be distributed primarily through Medicaid, resulting in an even higher number of abortions for lower-income and minority women.

The Democrat platform also includes international abortion funding. If abortion is a human rights problem here, how much more so in places like China, where the One-Child Policy is enforced. A Chinese pastor’s wife once shared with me a prayer request for a friend in China who was pregnant with their second child. They were desperately trying to get to grad school in the U.S. before the Chinese government forced an abortion. She explained that this is the way it’s handled in affluent communities, but in poor rural areas it is common to wait until after the baby is born and then drown it in a bucket. Parents, forced to choose whether to keep or kill their first child, often kill girls so they can try again for a son. Orphanages like the one where my cousin was adopted are filled with girls (whose mothers made a last-ditch effort to save their lives). So much for “Women’s Rights.” You should wonder if supporters of these policies have a conscience. God have mercy on Hillary Clinton’s soul.

Another argument sometimes put forward by Christians is that we are hypocritical if we vote for “pro-life” candidates who meanwhile send young men into war to die. Christians throughout the centuries have struggled with the issue of war, and some denominations have rejected war altogether (such as the Mennonites and Quakers). I understand the tension Christian voters feel voting for a “pro-life” candidate who is also “pro-war.” However, there are MAJOR differences between war casualties and abortion.

  1. First, and particularly in an era where there is no draft, soldiers go to war by choice. “Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” Many Christian men have found honor and dignity in the military, risking their lives to protect that which they hold dear. Pacifist Christians may disagree with this choice, but even they enjoy the benefits of living in a country protected by our military.
  2. Unborn babies do not have a choice. There is no dignified self-sacrifice in abortion, only selfishness and vanity on the part of parents and surgeons.
  3. The numbers are overwhelming. Millions and millions of babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade compared to a few thousand military casualties. If you want to play the numbers game, you will technically save more lives by being an anti-abortion “warmonger” than by being a pro-choice pacifist.
  4. Some wars are justifiable. Take the U.S. involvement in WWII, during which we helped end the wholesale slaughter of millions of Jews, blacks, and handicapped people. Yes, soldiers died. They died to save others. They considered their lives worth losing for the sake of men, women and children in bondage. By comparison, there is no circumstance under which it is the baby’s fault for being conceived, no circumstance under which the baby deserves the death penalty. Abortion is not justifiable.
  5. Obviously we have less moral clarity about the Iraq war than about WWII, but I think it is fair to say that both Bush and Obama have felt the weight of solemn grief when greeting body bags returned from overseas. No President wants to throw away young lives without cause, and if the cause proves unjustified they must live with that guilt. Meanwhile, there is no “solemn grief” over abortion. There is no flag folding, no white cross, no bugle salute. There is no comparison between the reverence we show to dead soldiers and the contempt we show for dead “fetal tissue.” The scorn Democrats show towards unborn human life is appalling.

The problem I have with Christians dismissing pro-life voters as not “seeing the big picture,” is that there is no bigger issue than LIFE. There is plenty of room for debate about how best to create a society of “human flourishing.” There is no room for publicly celebrated infanticide. History puts it in perspective: if Hitler had a great economic policy, would you vote for him- knowing there were brick ovens in Auschwitz? Come on. If a person doesn’t understand the basic value of human life, as created in the image of God, then he or she cannot possibly understand and rightly apply moral principles in any other context. Remember the disgust you feel when a film’s serial killer turns out to be a very moral, trustworthy individual? The way your skin crawls when he expresses disdain at someone else’s moral failings? First things first, friends. You can’t promote infanticide and be a good person.

Second, the issues of racism and sexism.

Donald Trump is truly the most repulsively racist, sexist candidate the Republicans could have chosen. If you don’t want to vote for him, then by all means don’t. But please do consider that this year, the Republicans put forward a black man, two Cuban men, an Indian man, and a woman, several of whom were raised in poor urban environments. The Democrat party gave us two rich old white people. The Democrat party doesn’t hold a monopoly on racial diversity. Just because Hillary tries to speak Ebonics when she talks to black audiences doesn’t mean she understands race issues. She is a rich white woman who can patronize minorities with the best of them.

I am endlessly frustrated with the way Democrats pigeon hole individual thinkers. It happens often with race- the assumption that if you are black, you will vote for Obama’s blackness without thinking critically about his policies, or if you’re white and don’t vote for him, it’s because you’re racist, not because you disagree with his platform. Or another accusation I’ve been hearing often, that if you’re troubled by the anarchist rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement, you must be racist, rather than simply not an anarchist. Dallas Police Chief David Brown gets a pass because he’s black, but any white person with a differing viewpoint is immediately slapped with the “racist” label.

This time it’s happening with sex. I resent the idea that because I’m a woman, I’m going to throw my principles out the window and go, “Wow… She’s got a vagina… and I’ve got a vagina… what more could I want in a President!” As Carly Fiorina often stated, “Women are not a special interest group. They are more than 50% of this country.” The idea that women are going to vote for “Women’s Issues” is demeaning. It belittles our ability to think about all issues- the economy, national defense etc.- not to mention it shushes the voices of thousands of women who find the Democrat platform on “Women’s Issues” repulsive and immoral.

I happily voted for Lynn Swann to be Pennsylvania’s First Black Governor because I supported his policies. I will happily vote for a woman President when I see one on the ballot who stands for what I believe.

Hillary Clinton has been proved a liar, a money-launderer, and an enabler to her husband’s illicit affairs. When Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was forced to resign as Chair of the DNC, after plotting to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Hillary hired her. Hillary Clinton does not know good from evil. She belongs in jail. She does not stand for me or my values. At least as a woman I can speak my mind about her. But it’s troubling to me to see the accusations of sexism come rolling in against any man who feels she does not stand for his values. Suggesting that to find Hillary distasteful is to be sexist, is really just a thinly veiled way of shutting down conversation. It is a cheap tactic that has no place in the church.

There are many other issues at hand, each deserving of an entire article, but I am starting here because these are some of the most glaring offenses. Hillary Clinton represents some of the worst of what this country has to offer. So does Donald Trump, sadly, so I won’t even begin telling you how you should vote. All I can say is that we should all be going to the ballots with a heavy heart this year, praying God’s mercy on this very troubled nation.


3 thoughts on “To My Fellow Christians, on Hillary

  1. Georgia, we struggle with these concepts because it’s difficult to find those willing to chat with us especially if we disagree in order to better define or sharpen our perspective without getting ostracized for our thoughts, exploring concepts and/or challenging out beliefs.

    This election has allowed us to explore, be exposed and reveal who we are in this moment in space. Many of us will probably evolve, enhance or settle in our current perspective, so tomorrow will look very different from yesterday; to some this bring comfort, to others extreme anxiety.

    But through this entire process, my biggest concern is not for my state of mind, but for my grandchildren because they may not have the skills to battle mentally with the ugliness we are seeing when people disagree publicly. I salute you with your transparency and discourse but this discussion will continue for years to come.

  2. That the election comes down to having us choose between a whole-sale liar (and probable accomplice in murder, though enough grey remains for us to beg off) and a repugnantly unrepentant, selfishly cruel and amoral demagogue just serves to convince me further that this is America’s true Twilight of the Gods. It was not an accident that allowed either of them in; we have seen fit to arrive here by choice. It may not have been of our personal choosing, but it was Us nonetheless.

    That neither of them have been replaced by healthier alternatives leaves me reeling. Yet this is not a problem of the Going-Away-Sometime-Soon sort; even allowing for a miracle this election that prevents both from ascending to President, it doesn’t mean these things aren’t *happening*. We the People are considering these moral bankruptcies, and should neither of them succeed, it simply points to 2020/24 as more likely targets for when someone just like them (or maybe even a bit craftier) will win enough people to take over the Oval Office throne. (Underwood for President? If not today, no worries; his day in the sun’s on its way.) We’ve almost reached Critical Mass as a conscienceless country, and this seems the inevitable result.

    That I cannot go to the voting booths with anything like a clear conscience – that I feel compelled to begin playing mind games to determine the better of two evils before realizing that no matter what, I would be endorsing at least one of them – leaves me with the quiet surety that we are likely doomed, wholesale. If we do not wake up and begin to value one’s principles and integrity over power plays and fractious political factions, we may as well give the Angel of Death a few months off; our demise will be at the ends of the hands of all our own fingers.

    All that aside, your arguments above are as solid as they are beautifully written. I wish I had more thoughts on the matter than simple anxiety and dread. I *do* believe we can change things in the political arena, just as everywhere else, with God’s help – it’s just that I feel we may have waived our rights to stopping this particular downward spiral. May God have mercy on us: those two are what we deserve, so may He be gracious in denying us our idiot, selfish choices.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. It is so great to hear your “voice”! I am trying to pace myself because I have two more articles coming on my thoughts about the other options… yes, it is a miserable commentary on the state of our nation that it comes down to this. I am especially impressed by the drama at both political conventions as each party’s own members are rioting against their chosen candidate and then being shushed in underhanded ways. It is mind blowing. Ultimately, take courage: as I recently said to someone I love but disagree with, in this election I think my voice counts more than my single vote. Rather than despair over the two lousy voting options, speak the truth louder and to more people 🙂

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