“Women’s Health Care” – Another Feminist Hypocricy

Have you noticed in the recent Planned Parenthood scandal how many feminists are decrying the attack on a valued provider of “Women’s Healthcare”?

Me too.

According to the CDC, the top 3 killers of women in our country are heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease. Heart disease and chronic lower respiratory disease are not even on Planned Parenthood’s radar, and as Cecile Richards states in this testimony, they do not own those much-celebrated mammogram machines, nor have they ever made such a claim. Strange that this should be the indispensable source of Women’s Healthcare.

It’s worth observing that there is almost no such thing as “Men’s Healthcare” because men’s healthcare is, well… healthcare. I picture the conversation going something like this:

Man 1: I found this great Men’s Healthcare clinic. You should check it out.

Man 2: Oh really? Do they give you a good price on your heart meds?

Man 1: No, they don’t deal with heart disease.

Man 2: How about diabetes- can they help me manage my blood sugar?

Man 1: No, they don’t deal with diabetes.

Man 2: So, do you go there for vaccines? Emergency care? Weight loss counseling?

Man 1: No, they don’t do any of that. They just do vasectomies.

Man 2: That’s it?

Man 1: That’s it.

Man 2: Thank God. Somebody has to make sure we have these services available.

Shame on our nation if we’ve reached a point where Planned Parenthood’s meager assortment of services qualifies as healthcare for women. No man would settle for it. Yet we women have been so conditioned to define ourselves by our reproductive organs that we fall for the line even when it’s sold to us by feminists.

Not only does Planned Parenthood not address the top three killers of women, they don’t even do a good job of addressing the major issues in women’s reproductive care. They don’t offer obstetric care or fertility treatment, for example. If you’re foolish enough to actually want to gestate to full term, they can’t help you.

If we accept the idea that Planned Parenthood provides “women’s healthcare,” we miss the fact that women should be receiving healthcare for their whole bodies and their entire reproductive cycle. Any woman who receives affordable birth control, but not heart disease and cancer screenings, vaccinations, prescriptions and treatment for chronic and short-term illnesses, or obstetric care during pregnancy, is not receiving comprehensive health care. How about we stop talking about how indispensable Planned Parenthood is, and start talking about the fact that if Planned Parenthood is your primary healthcare provider you are dismally underserved?

The irony is how fiercely feminists are standing by this farce. Women deserve better. Yes, we should be getting reproductive care. We should be getting the whole package. And like men, we should be able to get the whole package from facilities that care about our whole bodies.


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